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We're a bike repair company located in the beautiful Patagonia/Sonita/Elgin area of Southern Arizona. Patagonia  is a trailhead community for the Arizona Trail and smack in the middle  of two sections of the spectacular Coronado National Forest in the  Sonoran desert. NOTE: We do not rent bikes.

Our “sky islands” (mountains  soaring above the desert floor) sustain one of the most unique and  biologically diverse areas in the nation. Out of this world views  contain astonishingly varied scenery, climates, plants, and wildlife.  Quiet paved roads, numerous unpaved dirt roads in the heart of the  National Forest and a more moderate climate than most of Arizona  (especially in summer), makes this one of the most wonderful year round  biking areas imaginable. 

Our "Mountain Empire" also boasts a unique culture. We have vineyards, cowboys, artists, scientists, a unique and quirky historic town, a lake with a sand beach that allows swimming and boating, world famous birding, and the food and flavors of nearby Mexico, all within this tiny section of Southeast Arizona.

It's the best kept secret we know.